Saturday, June 8, 2013

Graduation Preview

Check in on June 12, 2013 for a full length and complete post/article on Graduation in Belize this month, and what it means.  Topics to be addressed include:

"June is a month for Graduations, annual rites of passage and new beginnings for students in Belize and throughout the world."

"After “Pomp and Circumstance” is played several times this month in Belize, and graduates don their caps and gowns, what choices do they face?"

"Graduates: you are the ones who must continue to create, develop and improve all our technology backed industries in Belize.  Are you prepared and ready?"

"Graduates, are you ready to take on the world after June 2013?"


Thank you for your comments.  Feel free to express opinions, or ask for more information on any Education topic that you may find important, or that you feel needs to be addressed today.   Your opinions are welcomed!

Gustavo A. Ramirez
Guidance Counselor / Education Consultant

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